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Type of business Factory and trading company
Main Market Europe
Number of Employees 1-50 People
Annual sales US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Established in 2009

Jinan Humber Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 and located in Jinan, is a one-stop service provider with more than ten years experience on beer brewery equipment design, production and sales.


Jinan Humber Company is specialized in the development and production of beer equipment, craft brewery, hotel and pub brewery, home brewing equipment, beer factory equipmentbeer equipment, mini and micro brewery equipment, bottling equipment, keg washer and filler machine. We own first-class scientific research and development staff, professional production and technical personnel, advanced processing equipment. Besides, a stable after-sales service and security system are established to guarantee excellent equipment supply and service capabilities. 


In order to ensure the production quality, production efficiency and stability of beer equipment, Jinan Humber has introduced professional beer vessels production equipment, such as longitudinal seam automatic welding machine, ring seam automatic welding machine, pipe automatic welding machine, automatic polishing machine, laser Cutting machine, punching machine, bending machine and so on.


Quality inspection exists in every aspect of our beer equipment production. For this reason, we also use special inspection tools, such as roughness tester, sheet thickness detector, spectrometer, pressure testing equipment, etc., which really guarantees the micro brewery equipment we produced is perfect in reaching every customer.


The product image above is a detailed view of the production of our beer brewing equipment. From the picture you can see every part of our beer equipment, every detail is very smooth and beautiful. Please be assured that the microbrewery you received is as good as the picture shows.


In addition to our standard beer equipment, we are also able to provide auxiliary equipment for beer equipment, such as filling systems, beer filtration systems, etc., while we provide customized production customization services, please contact us if you have any demand, we will do our best to complete your brewing dream with you together.

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