Auxiliary Equipment For Brewery

  • Water Treatment For Beer Brewing

    Water Treatment For Beer Brewing

    Quartz Sand Filter: FRP tank with Quartz Sand, Mainly remove harmful material from original wanter which bigger than 20um,like sand,iron,rust,colloids,suspended solids,etc. To enable the pollution index lower than 2.

    Active Carbon Filter: FRP tank with shell activated carton, Mainly remove chroma,abnormal flavor and Biological organisms of the water, to decrease the chlorine percentage and other contaminant which been polluted by pesticide or other harmful material.

    Water softening system: Scale inhibitor(1:10) or Filled in cationic resin,which mainly remove calcium and magnesium ions of the water. Usually it can soften around 20CBM water, After this 20CBM, We need to reproduce cationic resin to soften the following water.

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  • Chiller For Beer Brewery

    Chiller For Beer Brewery

    Imported branded compressor from USA and Japan, built in safety protection, low noise, power-saving and durability.

    Italian water pump with big flow, high efficiency and durability.

    Widely used in plastic industry, electrons, plating chemical industry, ultrasonic wave cooling, printing and others. It can precisely control the temperature, whcih is requested by the modernized machinery production.

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  • Grains Handling For Brewery

    Grains Handling For Brewery

    Roll grinding flat, the material is easy to enter the grinding zone, convenient disassembly and repair; Gear transmission with fast and slow roll, high transmission efficiency, smooth running, low noise;

    The self-aligning ball bearing roller,can guarantee the concentric rotary precision, can bear high speed and roller pressure; The high quality steel head, alloy steel rollers are dynamic balance, stable operation, long service life;

    Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation; Outer protective structure, simple and convenient; The machine has fully enclosed structure, safe and beautiful.

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  • Beer Kegs

    Beer Kegs

    Beer keg single wall design, passivated to ensure Tap fresh Flavor, unique swing/Flip top keeps beer fresher longer, replaceable and cleanable food grade silicone seal, food grade tainless steel with no plastic liner, elegant design for easy grip attachments.

    Beer keg rim strengthen the kegs stability, material traceability identify and trace the steel material, neck double welding to assure the strength

    Handhold 100% deburr confortable and safe

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  • Beer Filter

    Beer Filter

    Plate and Frame Filters

    The plate filter has been designed for polishing and sterilising liquids of different kinds,
    such as wine, olive oil, beer, milk, cosmetics, essences for herbal preparations.
    The filter is divided into three functional units:

    Frame in AISI 304 stainless steel equipped with four pivoting wheels, two of which equipped with brakes
    Filtration unit with filtering plates in materials suitable for use with foodstuffs
    Non self-priming motor-pump unit with the 20x20 filters. The 40cm x 40cm filters are recommened, if you need a pump to go with our Mini Vigor pump. Self-priming dual directional flow, with remote.

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  • Flow Meter For Brewery

    Flow Meter For Brewery

    Application: gold-plated contacts, Totalizer function; for industrial applications, connection to pipe by means of an adapter, Conductive liquids; water; water-based media

    Accuracy / deviations: Accuracy (in the measuring range) ± (0,8 % MW + 0,5 % MEW); Repeatability: ± 0,2% MEW

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  • Steam Boiler For Brewhouse

    Steam Boiler For Brewhouse

    Fully automatic electrical heating steam generator is the ideal steam source for garment washing and food processing industry. It's featured by compact structure, small size and convenient for use, ect and applies to all units which need small amount of low-pressure steam.

    This series of steam boiler are composed of boiler furnace, heater, water supply system, control system and shell.

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