How to buy high-quality beer brewing equipment


When buying beer equipment, everyone is puzzled. Why are the prices of beer equipment that look the same but there are so many differences? Jinan Humber will reveal the secret for you:

1. Different materials. The inner tank of craft beer equipment is made of stainless steel, but there are different models of stainless steel. If 21 stainless steel of relatively poor quality is used, the cost can be relatively saved. However, such a stainless steel inner tank is prone to rust and is too thin. Beer produces a lot of gas during fermentation, and the inner material is too thin to withstand low pressure, which is easy to leak, which affects the quality of the wine.

Beer equipment manufacturers

2. High energy consumption. The insulation layer is made of rock wool or other materials, the compressor power is low, and the pipeline design is unreasonable, so the power consumption in the later period can also be imagined.

3. The quality of pipe fittings, valves and Z fittings is poor. There are some low-priced valve and instrument accessories on the market, but the quality is also poor, and they are easy to rust and damage after long-term use. Leading to winemaking X fruit is not ideal.

Beer equipment manufacturers remind: When buying beer equipment, don't be confused by the pricing. What you pay for is also applicable to beer equipment.

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