Kombucha brewing project completed successfully


Kombucha brewing project completed successfully

Since its establishment, Jinan Humber Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production and sales of beer brewing equipment, fermentation vessels, filling equipment, refrigeration equipment, etc.

In addition, especially recently, we have been researching and developing new products, such as Kombucha tea brewing equipment, distillation equipment, alcohol-free beer brewing equipment, etc. After several months of research and development design and production, a set of 500L per batch The Kombucha brewing equipment has been completed and delivered to the customer.

This Kombucha brewing project consists of the following sections:

500L boiling pot for heating hot water for cooking tea;

500L hot water tank for heating hot water to provide brewing water;

500L open fermenter for the first stage of normal temperature and atmospheric pressure fermentation;

500L sealed fermenter for the second stage of cooling and pressure fermentation;

Cooling System;

Cleaning system

control unit;

Water treatment equipment;

Heating system;

Filling system, etc.

We can not only provide you with these devices, but also provide you with personalized customized services according to your needs. Please contact us if you have any needs.

Kombucha brewing project completed successfully

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