1000L Stainless Steel Brewery System

  • 1000L Stainless Steel Brewery System
1000L Stainless Steel Brewery System
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Our 1000L brewery equipment is convenient, reliable, high-quality and cost-effective.

Our brewery equipment produced, developed and quality controlled according to strictly International engineering standards and our brewery equipment passed CE, PED certified.

We provide the complete turnkey service for your brewery equipment from design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and lifetime after sale service , also we provide the custom service for your brewery equipment refer your sepcial request.

1000L Stainless steel brewery system 

The introduction of the complete system of 1000L stainless steel brewery system: 

Malt milling system

Malt miller 

Function: Grain crushing.

Component: It is made of miller, motor, belt, belt pulley, roller, hopper and so on. It is the first part of stainless steel 304 brewing equipment.

Types: Stainless steel or Carbon steel.

Advantage: new design, the distance between 2 roller can be adjusted. This machine can remove the iron and dust by automatically.

Function: Crushing malt, and put it to mash tun for mashing.


Mashing system


Function: Grain mashing, wort filtration, boiling, and whirlpooling.

Component: It is composed of mash tun, lauter tank, kettle, whirlpool, hot water tank, hops back, plate heat exchanger with oxygenation device, wort pump and etc. It is the second part of micro beer brewing equipment.

Types: 2 Vessels brewhouse, 3 Vessels brewhouse, 4 Vessels brewhouse

Heating method: Electric heating, Steam heating, Direct fire heating.

Control method: PLC Screen controller cabinet or PID Instrument Panel.

Material: Food and sanitary grade stainless steel 304/316, Luxury red copper.


Fermentation system

Fermentation tank

Function: Wort fermentation or maturtion.

Component: It is composed of Shadowless manhole, Pressure relief valve, Aseptic valve, Pressure gage, Rotate racking arm, Butterfly valve, Pressure relief valve and so on. It is the third part of micro beer brewing equipment.

Types: 50L-10000L, and even bigger volume.

Cooling method: Ice water belt or glycol cooling jacket around both top and bottom.

Design pressure is 0.3MPa; Working pressure is 0.15MPa.

Material: Stainless steel 304/316/316L.


Glycol cooling system

Glycol water tank 

Function: Glycol water supply for wort cooling and fermentation cooling.

Component: Glycol water tank, Solenoid valve, Pump, PPR and etc. It is the fourth part of thestainless steel 304 beer brewing equipment.

Cooling method: Single stage cooling (cold water cooling) and Two stage cooling (Glycol water and tap water cooling).

Control method: Automatically by PID/PLC Controller cabinet.

Tips: ( single stage cooling)

Some experienced brewers prefer cold liquor tank(cold water tank) for cooling the wort in the heat exchanger. The wort can be cooled much quicked than before. Accordingly, the cold water would also be heated to a high temperature. In this case, the cold water passing the heat exchanger would be recycled to hot water tank directly. This kind flow can save much energy.

The most important advantage is the wort would not be polluted when the heat exchange is broken.



Function: Glycol water chilling

Chiller brand: World famous Australia COOLSOON.

Component: Compressor, Water pump, Evaporator, Pressure controller, Condenser, LCD temperature controller, Expansion valve, Dry filter, Hand valve, Draught fan and so on. It is the fifth part of the beer brewing equipment.

Advantages: Work highly efficient, Cooling faster and stable, If there have something wrong in the future, it is very easy to find spare part in anywhere.


Controlling system

Controller Cabinet 

Function: Brewery controlling

Component: Instruments, Button, Speed controller, Intermediate relay, Switches. It is the sixth part of the beer brewing equipment.

Electric parts: World famous brand with CE certificate

The brand of temperature controller is AndongNi, Intermediate relay is Schneider.

Purpose: Show and control all the tank’s temperature, Control the show on/show off of motors, pumps, and solenoid valves.


Cleaning system

Cleaning car 

Function: Caustic liquid heating and mixing

Component: Disinfection tank, Alkali tank, Pump and so on. It is the seventh part of the micro beer brewing equipment.

Purpose: It is used for cleaning all the tank when it finish the brewing.

Product quality testing equipment
Product quality testing equipment
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