beer carbonation tank

  • 30hl 30bbl Beer Carbonation Tank

    1. Welding: We abandoned the argon gas cylinder but adopt The Central System of Argon to make sure the TIG welding with pure argon gas shield. We also increase the using amount of gas when welding, so the quality of the welding line is more higher. vertical horizontal brite bright beer tank bbt 2.Dimpling: We adopt dimple plate rather than belt for glycol jacket, since it can increase the cooling area and improve the speed of cooling. The most important thing in brewing process is to avoid contaminating, that is to say the most important thing in producing beer equipment is to polish the inside tanks to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead corner. vertical horizontal brite bright beer tank bbt 3.Polishing: We use large-scale polishing equipment to polish the inside of the tanks -- all over the wall to make sure there is no dead corner. You need not worry about there will be some bacterias remained after cleaning.Some other manufacturers may not pay enough attention to the polishing, even some have no polishing machine. vertic

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